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The JavaLDAP Server Project

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Please read this posting to understand the current status of this project. It is no longer active as an open source project, though has been developed into a commercial offering by Octet String, Inc..

LDAP Book CoverMy LDAP book is finally available for purchase. You can get it on Amazon or direct from the publisher (Manning) in both hardcopy or ebook. Manning also has a nice online forum for discussion related to the book.


The JavaLDAP server aims to be a versitile LDAP protocol engine, enabling full LDAP access to a variety of data sources, as well as the ability to embed an LDAP-enabled server into another Java server (e.g. a server supporting both DSML and LDAP requests from the same data sources).

Much of the basic support for the LDAP protocol is here, as are things like Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) schema parsing, a first pass at the IETF's current internet draft for LDAP access control, and a variety of other things.

Network and protocol performance has now been optimized and a P3 laptop running Windows 2000 and JDK1.3 performs about 1000 operations per second with the memory backend (search exact/presence and add ops).

The code is still primarily for developers, but the 0.20 release should be functional enough for non-developers interested in seeing where this software project is headed. It is definately not for production use. See the README file listed below for limitations.


The latest code is available via CVS from cvs.javaldap.sourceforge.net. Developers, please see the JavaLDAP Server Developer's Page..

Discussion and Mailing Lists

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You can participate in open discussion here.


It currently requires either SNACC for Java from the IBM Alphaworks site, or the IBM JNDI LDAP Provider, as both of these include the BER encoding/decoding routines used by the module. I would like to move to the Cryptix ASN.1 developer's kit, but it currently only supports DER encoding and seems to choke on much of the ASN.1 from the LDAPv3 specifications.

Also necessary is the Apache Xerces J XML Parser, which can be found in source or binary on the Apache XML website. This is used to parse DSML schema files. Currently schema schecking is only available for Object Classes, not for attribute types.

A README for version 0.20 can be found here.

Version 0.20 was released on August 20, 2000 and can be found here.

Java 1.1.6 and above should be supported. Keep in mind that this is primarily raw code with little documentation at the moment. It will be cleaned as time permits and as contributions arise.

The code on this site is GPL'ed, though I'm open to releasing it under other licenses as appropriate.

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to me at: donley@octetstring.com.

Clayton Donley
Principle author of JavaLDAP server, co-author of PerLDAP, author of Net::LDAPapi, and author of a forthcoming book on LDAP from Manning Publications.

Member Of The Open Source Java Web-Ring
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